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I have a vision....

Our gentlemen at Guardian made these for us...

Our houses are full....such a blessing...but I want more for them than basic needs of food, water, clothing, sleep and shelter.

I want them to be able to use and grow their God-given talents - either in hobby or career.... I envision a social enterprise that employs our residents. Woodworking shop? Quilting/knitting/arts studio? Recovery coffee/ice cream parlor?

...maybe some day.....(the empty Sunset Bar in downtown New Richmond would be a perfect site for this)...and could draw people into this beautiful city to visit and grow the current businesses in our community.

In the days just after detox while her brain was recovering from the damage of opioids, our daughter occupied herself with mental health/mindfulness coloring.

She colored this for me on one of those early days in recovery. Working with our hands with some sense of purpose brings dignity....AND she had something to give away to someone else to show her appreciation and love.

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