The Master Weaver's Plan

I've recently learned to quilt. My poor husband has to tolerate the threads that have permeated our house. I'm working on a blanket for my grandson and I know that each stitch is sewn with love. (by machine, yes....but still with love.) I have the idea that I want the same for our residents. I want them to feel blanketed in love. Not only that, but also covered with the Holy Spirit.

When residents first arrive at our recovery homes, they often bring little with them. We present them with a Welcome Home Basket, (modeled after Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health Services.) It contains new bedding, personal care items, and a few other essentials. We're going to purchase a case of neutral thread and have it blessed. If you're reading this, perhaps it's God's plan to share your handiwork?

Anyone who would like to join our effort may request a spool of this blessed thread to piece a twin-sized quilt. We will gather your pieced top or complete quilt (your choice) and create a Welcome Home Basket from it. If you would like to include a personal note of encouragement, I'm sure that it would touch the heart. Together we will blanket our residents with not only love, but the Holy Spirit. May God be with them through the night and keep them till the morning light!

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