Resurrection Power!

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Chris Tomlin nails it with his song, "Resurrection Power",....Amen?

Abiding by the decree to be physically distant this spring, I have spent LOTS of time by myself this month! …I prayed a lot more as a result…especially to Mary, Mother Angelica, foundress of EWTN, and Saints Monica and Maria Faustina. My faith is as a newly hatched much growth to be done! So... I have been reminded, once again, that suffering is meant for our own good…. ”the splinters from the suffering thorns in our side can be used to ignite or keep burning the fire of God’s love in our souls.” This is my new visual.

Good Friday marked the third year of battle for my daughter’s and my recoveries (make no mistake…if you have a loved one with substance use disorder, then you have your own recovery to navigate!).… Much of recovery is nothing short of IMMORTAL COMBAT…I know that God wants me to be a WARRIOR, not a WORRIER! (I started to believe this after attempting to tackle a 6'4"300lb employee during a work site mandatory ALICE training for active shooters). I had been blissfully unaware of the extent of the unravelling recovery of my loved one. I've been getting only cutesy, positive texts and upbeat surface-y telephone chats since. She only wants us to hear positive things…. but a discussion with her very experienced counselor (aka ANGEL) on Holy Thursday has made my husband and I face some daunting truths. I spent the bulk of Friday and Saturday trying my best to surrender myself and my daughter to God…joining our crosses to Him on the cross. When I woke on Easter Sunday morning, however, I didn’t feel the glory of the resurrection…instead, I felt stuck between hanging on my cross and watching, like Mary did, my addicted child nailed to her cross…

I mean full-out pathetic, human sobbing as I watched mass live-streamed on my laptop…Fortunately, my angels here on earth one by one came to my rescue in various little ways and I was finally able to celebrate Christ’s resurrection with a Covid-19 skeleton of family: my husband, son and mother-in-law…(can I admit that I’ve really had it with “social distancing”!)

To quote Chris Tomlin, "I have resurrection power living on the longer bound by sin and darkness, living in the light of His goodness...He has given us freedom and I have Ressurection Power! Halleluia!"

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