Love from Community

One of my "take homes" from an Addiction Workshop in Feb, 2019 that was hosted by a united Catholic and Lutheran taskforce was the importance of community love for persons in recovery from addiction. At our luncheon break out sessions I heard one woman, passionate about sharing her recovery story, simply say that it was feeling the love from her church which had its greatest impact in her recovery.

Now, people ARE the church. We don't need to be inside a building to share that love. When we first launched our website and began the process of getting the two recovery homes ready, it was AMAZING the outpouring of love and support from the community! I wanted the residents who come through these homes to feel this same love and support...To break through the guilt and shame and evil thoughts that often haunt them and help them to know that they are worthy of being loved. To that end, I made these two wallhangings, one for each home. On each strip I have embroidered the names of people who cared enough to contribute to the opening of these homes. With love in my heart and using blessed thread, I trust that these will bring hope to all.

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