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Empty Chairs and Solitude

It's appropriate that On Our Way Home's story is shared this week, the third full week in July. During this week every year our family travels to the Adirondacks, back to my Great Grandfather's town. We stay on Minerva Lake in Morningside Camps and Cottages, built, owned and operated by family For me it is always a respite from a much faster pace of life. No TVs. No husband. (I love him dearly, but his absence for the week does add to my ability to BE STILL.)

To stop and enjoy the littlest of ponder.

It gives me the opportunity for solitude among the beauty of God's Creation in a place deep commune with nature, empty myself of listen, and be open to God's voice. Visiting my ancestral heritage also gives me a sense of connection and place in this world....(a notion which is becoming lost in our society.)

It is here where God first spoke to my heart about the need for those with addiction issues to experience the soothing balm of nature and help to restore the soul. A place to reconnect with part of their heritage, if possible. Everyone should have a similar opportunity. Many people who have difficulty speaking with and worshipping God within church structures can find Him through His Creation. For these people, some of the familiar questions among those addicted and their families and friends, "Why me?" or "Why us?" begin to be answered. In nature, it is often easier to feel and experience God and His work within our lives.

For this reason, our team has chosen these properties for recovery housing. Situated on a most serene rural grassy knoll, plenty of windows in both homes, each with a beautiful view of nature. A place for country men and women to feel at home. We know that many will find respite and begin restoring their souls here. We know this, in fact, because WE really didn't choose this property,....rather, our team has been open to God. It is His Spirit which has directed us here in the people and situations He has placed in front of us!

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