COVID-19 as real as FRESHMAN-10?

Is the COVID 19 just as real as the Freshman 10 for anyone else?

Does anyone else think COVID-19 means we should all be gaining 19 pounds? Like the freshman-10, I am really struggling for that not to ring true for me.

A few years ago, at an open AA meeting, as they were going around the room, I blundered by introducing myself, “Hi, I’m Barb and I’m addicted to food.” Well, most of them laughed at me! But really, I have been in counseling for eating disorder and throughout my life it has come and gone as my way of coping with stress. Comfort food,….that’s what I call it. Carbs and sugar. Recently I went through intense pains from gluten withdrawal…(Yes, that’s a thing, trust me …there’s evidence of wheat germ agglutin binding to opioid receptors).

We all have our own addictions…. that’s what Dr. Gerald May writes in Addiction & Grace…The treatments are found within our spirit. Like substance use disorder, my treatment is admitting that I’m powerless over food. I need to trust in God, accepting the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference…. you know the prayer! (Click here for the second half of this Serenity Prayer and let everyone know you prayed it!)…. What does your addiction recovery look like?

When I’m practicing my recovery (regular prayer, exercise, opportunities to laugh) my eating and my weight is usually under control…+/- 5 pounds…I’ve really been struggling the past few years, though…and like most of us, the stress from physical and social distancing has compounded my temptations to overeat! It might be my own fault…be careful what you ask for!

In the spirit of being a WARRIORnotWORRIER, I have asked God to let me bear my addicted loved one’s temptations. I hope that the reason for my current struggle is just that. Either way, I know that my “sufferings” can help others in a redemptive way IF I will accept them as my own cross to carry as Jesus did. Fortunately for me, the consequences of overeating are minor compared with substance use disorder. I don’t think food causes the extent of physical brain changes and “hypofrontality” which opioid addiction causes, but eating disorders can still be devastating.

Whatever your addiction might be, admitting powerlessness over it and turning to God is an effective next step. During this quarantine it is so important to live a good “now”. My goal is simply to do “the next right thing” each day. And I call on Lester, my guardian angel, to help me with each temptation! (Trust me, he’s been busy!)

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