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Building the Recovery Garden

The joy and peace of the Holy Spirit was palpable at the properties today. Over 23 adults and a handful of children gave their Saturday to build a garden for the property and the entire recovery community. Pockets of rain drizzles cooled the workers and temporarily halted the sweat bees from menacing. There was only one mighty clap of if heaven wanted us to know it was pleased. Otherwise a perfectly beautiful day surrounded by nature and with an awesome group of people!

I recognized only a few of the faces...Amanda, our Garden Coordinator, had reached out to her recovery community that responded generously with their time, talent and treasure. She orchestrated the entire event: from drafting a phase I plan on paper (yes, that means I'm all-in for more to come if the recovery community wants!), she calculated the amount of soil needed, bought the fencing and gathered cardboard. She brought Marcella's doughnuts (YUM...) and set out balloons. We were a hodge podge of people united in service. Some of the more meticulous (ME) wanted to measure exactly all the distances for fence posts - I was reminded that our imperfections make us who we are and should be accepted and welcome!

The little ones! What joy to see them playing together outside! What joy to see them playing together outside! With little shovels attempting to fill a big wheelbarrow, manning the electric drill as we made raised beds, eating doughnuts and playing "king of the hill". I can't wait to see what God has planned for this property and this garden...I hope that it will be the site of many family events. Everyone will benefit from walking through the grass, planting seeds and watching the plants grow, and giving organic produce back to the community. Perhaps it will be an instrument by which my dream of a summer spiritual program for children (from 2016) is realized?!

Agriculture was understood by most in Biblical times, but first world cultures have drifted away from this with our technological advances. Here at the Garden, The Parable of the Sower (Luke 8:4-18) will be better imPLANTED in our souls. The importance of preparing our hearts to receive the seed which represents God's Word will come to life. We will learn at a deeper level that seed that lands on hard soil is snatched up by the devil before it can penetrate the heart and take root. The heart of shallow soil responds initially, but then continues on its same old habits and old path. The heart with crowded soil has no room or time for God's Word, even though it knows God! But, the good, rich soil represents the hearts of those who hear and receive and bring forth fruit...and are so deeply blessed!

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