A Lent to Remember

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

COVID-19 brings a landslide of challenges to people with addiction issues! The disease of addiction is one of isolation... and the cure for recovery resides among community. Social distancing makes this almost impossible!

Everyone's routines are upside down...With so many lost jobs, with virtual NA/AA meetings, with no physical hugs, and no gym to continue physical health routines….these people climbing the steep terrain out of the pit of addiction are now having to navigate amidst a landslide…dodging one rock after another!

Our visit this month was only an exchange at the front door…I miss the opportunity to engage with the ladies…to get their insights into sober living homes,…what the challenges are, what more is needed. I want the ladies to feel that they are worth loving. Each is a beautiful gift from God, with unique talentsand yet with this disease comes guilt, shame, loneliness and loss of self. I just want to help them rebuild their self-esteem. From last month’s visit to now there are several less women… I can’t help but wonder if these ladies got strong enough to leave?(I hope)....or have they left to a less safe environment or relapsed….(I fear...).

Today for dinner we brought Kentucky Fried Chicken. During this COVID-19 epidemic I thought it safest for everyone to use carry out. I also thought the ladies might like a personal face masks made with love by me...I used a cute spring-ish fabric which I hope they liked. Easter candy was in order….and some Easter eggs with candy inside that they might hide if they have any family visiting on Easter. ( I remember one of the ladies in February had a young child that might have enjoyed that.)

I pray that the ladies will feel loved today…they are so worth it!...and I hope that somehow, my own struggling daughter feels loved as well.

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